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Nordic Overland Adventure & Arts

"WAIT!" -Anton shouts while hanging in the rope 12m above the ground on the vertical rock wall.

We're away on one of our mini adventures in the deep forests of Svartedalen nature reserve on the Swedish west coast. And this time rappelling was on the schedule.

I'm standing below the cliff belaying Anton by pulling the rope to lock the figure 8 in case of a mishap . "What is happening?" -I'm asking with a slightly nervous tone while I imagine how his 11mm thick rope is about to be rubbed against a sharp cutting rock edge.
Anton continues; "So, this is totally awesome!" Anton sounds super excited, and I draw a sigh of relief. "We need to get people out to experience stuff like this, just as we do"  Anton continued. 
"Yes, yes, of course ..." I say. "How do you mean?"
Anton answers while he's on his way down the cliff. "Yes, well .. everything we do when we are out in the wild, those are things that lots of people most certainly want and dream of doing, but can't or don't know how. We will help them with that!"
"You are absolutely right!" -I replied. 

Later when we both stood with solid ground beneath our feet, our spontaneous plan slowly began transforming into a concept of combining the transportation to adventure with the destination and mix everything together into one great experience. An experience where Scandinavia's amazing wilderness is the arena.

During the summer of 2013 preparations began for the company registration, and in October the same year Nordic Overland Adventure & Arts was registered and ready to start its business. As of this day Nordic Overland Adventure & Arts is run by us, Jonas and Anton, who both have extensive experience in outdoor activities and photo / video production, as well as proffessional service through governmental first responder units and military. 

Our vision is to introduce the Nordic wilderness to everyone that enjoys adventure as much as we do, and to offer such a genuine and maximized experience as possible. 

We both grew up with nature around the corner and for whole our lives been looking for new experiences and new places to explore. 
Our philosophy of our business is the classic but very current concept; "Take only pictures, leave nothing but footprints." -Nature is the most important thing we have, and while we want to let people share and discover it, we do everything we can to preserve it so that more people can continue to enjoy the nature in the future, just as we do today.