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Nordic Overland Systems

Products and solutions for tactical applications, overlanding and adventure travel.

Currently under development: 

-Unique solution for complete camper interior for the Land Rover Defender 110. The system is constructed in aluminium, making it very lightweight and durable. It comes with a complete solution for ample storage as well as a lounge sofa that converts to a sleeping platform for two. 
The cabinet offers storage for all your cooking equipment as well as clothing, photography gear and other essentials. It comes with a kitchen sink, 12v faucet, water pump and all plumbing ready for plugging into your water storage unit of choice.  
Behind the front passenger seat the two frontal cabinets has dual access both from the inside of the cab as well as from the side door. The system is prepared for a standing fridge, but will work with a common top loaded fridge or cooler on a drawer system for easy access out of the side door (this option requires a full open side door kit). 

The system is designed for optimal performance without the need of a pop-top conversion, thus saving lots of weight and expense.

It will be produced in small batches, and comes in either a complete paint coated "plug & play" kit (installation done in less than an hour without any permanent modifications to the vehicle) or the option of a DIY kit (non-painted). 

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Pricing structure and options: 
Complete kit including storage system with collapsible sink (including 12v water pump, fitted 12v cold water faucet and all hoses, excluding water tanks), bed/sofa section with rear drawer, front wood collapsible sleeping platform and complete cushion set. 
Storage system, rear drawer and other aluminium panels comes coated in gun metal gray high resistant car paint as default (other colorway options available on request).

Bed/sofa + rear drawer system: € 969
Storage system: € 3200
Front collapsible sleeping platform: € 410
Cushion set: € 599

Price, complete kit: € 4890 + shipping

DIY kit
Comes unassembled with pre-drilled holes in aluminium panels (matching holes in 25x25mm aluminium square tubing needs to be drilled for riveting). All panels and tubing come uncoated in raw aluminium.
All material needed for assembly, installation, and mounting in vehicle is included (included kitchen sink with hose kit, cold water faucet and 12v water pump). Front wooden collapsible sleeping platform comes pre-assembled. Cushion set board is not included in DIY kit.
Price: € 3885 + shipping

Upcoming products under development: 

-Quick-release modular attachement system for MOLLE pouches in tactical applications including maritime operations.

-Equipment/tool mounting platform for roof rack.

- "Gullwing" sidewindow for LR Defender 110.

- Portable fire pit/grill for overlanding/car camping.

-Modular dash mounted map reading platform.

-Laser cut powder coated aluminium rear door window panel for LR Defender with modular mounting (MOLLE) points for equipment and storage pouches. 

-Laser cut powder coated MOLLE panel for rear side window. 

-Laser cut powder coated MOLLE panel for gullwing side window. 

Prototype - Camper system LR Defender 110


Services & production support

Nordic Overland provides creative services specialized in access to remote locations. 

The needs within the commercial, lifestyle and outdoor sector to create exclusive content is well met thank's to our knowledge, experience and capability of taking the creative process to truly unique and wild locations. 

The authentic production and genuine impression of the imagery is what makes your brand stand out in a crowd where no orchestrated or staged product will stand up to comparison. 

We also perform other assignments within photo and film production such as portraiture & wedding photography, event production and on location product photography as well as consulting for product development.