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Basic Wilderness Survival Course

Three challenging and exciting days in the field where you will get the knowledge and experience to highly increase your survivability if you would ever find yourself in a survival situation during Nordic, and similar environmental properties during dryland seasons.   

The course will begin with theoretical education regarding priorities of actions in a survival situation. From there the course will continue with hands-on training of a number of practical survival skills in a controlled manner in different applications. 

Thereafter the students newfound knowledge will be put to the test in an applied scenario for 24 hours where the students will act on their own within given properties, wich obviously can't be revealed in advance! 

A few things of what you will learn:

  • Protection from weather and climate
  • Techniques of starting and making fire
  • Shelter
  • Rescue and signalling
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Fluid demands. How to find and purify water.
  • Nutrition and energy demands
  • Navigation, with and without map and compass
  • Mental preparedness
  • Gear tips, and the art of "how to use few items for a lot of things". 

No previous knowledge required, however a genuine interest and a certain degree of wilderness experience is preferred but not mandatory.

When the course begins each student will recieve a "Nordic Overland goodie-bag" containing av few survival essentials. Some of these items are a Silva compass, fire steel, paracord bracelet, medical kit and a fixed blade knife from Morakniv as well as other miscellaneous items. (Total value of goodie-bag: approx. 1800 SEK)

Date: Only group reservations for spring season 2021.
Site: Västra Götaland, Sweden. Place for pick-up will be specified upon reservation. 
Equipment: Layered clothing in functional materials such as merino wool for base and mid layer and a waterproof shell jacket. Day pack, water bottle (1 litre), sleeping bag, matress. All other necessary equipment will be provided. Detailed packing list will be sent after reservation. 
Food: All inclusive.
Price: 4295 SEK/person.  

Maximum number of participants - 20 people. Age limit: 18 yrs. 

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  • Note any food intolerances.