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Photography Workshop - Norhtern Norway

In the early days of fall when the sun slowly sinks behind the horizon, and when the temperature follows close behind, nature takes a last deep breath before the long and deep darkness of winter. 
This time of year and this stunning place of the earth leave ample space for astounding natural depiction, fresh air and northern lights sweeping across the night sky. 

Gain the opportunity to develop your photography skills, and bring home pictures you never thought were possible to create.

During the expedition we will stay true to our human origin by living right in the raw, untouched wilderness. Going from one location to the next in our two expedition grade Land Rover Defenders, in the search for the perfect picture. Aside from photography lessons with different themes and on different locations, there will be quite a few opportunities for challenging adventures, by summit hikes on some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the region, providing some breathtaking view of the valleys and the fjords below. 
Thank's to our own knowledge of the area, and local connections we have unique opportunities to visit places that are far beyond reach of the average tourist, making your chances of getting truly amazing shots even better!

The expedition is all-inclusive, meaning that we provide all meals during the entire trip, accomodation in our large tepee with wood burning stove as well as all transportation between locations, to and from the airport. We will stay outdoors without access to amenities during the expedition. 

The expedition will start from Bodö in Northern Norway, and we will travel by vehicle in a radius of about 180km, both within and without the borders of civilisation. The journey will take us high up on mountain peaks, in deep valleys and along the ocean with Lofoten as final outpost before the North Atlantic sea takes over. 

Anyone with interest in outdoor adventuring, hiking and photography. No prerequisities required. Bear in mind that some of our planned locations are off the beaten path, so some degree of physical performance and enough stamina for day hikes is preferred in order for you to find most pleasance from the expedition. 

Date: NIL
Place: NIL
Equipment: Functional clothing for outdoor environment and harsch conditions. Be aware that weather conditions in the region changes swiftly and without warning. Photography gear of choice (space is limited). Daypack with water bottle, insulated flask, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. 
Complete packing & gear list is provided upon reservation. 
Food: All-inclusive.
Price: 830 €.
Reservation fee 150 € (subtracted from full payment). Reservation fee is non refundable in case of cancellation within 3 weeks before departure.  
Reserve by: NIL

Maximum number of participants - 6 people. No participant under 18. 

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  • Note any allergies as well as limiting injuries and/or illnesses, and other notes.