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Adventure riding

As an adventure motorcyclist the compromise between forced minimalism due to limited packing capabilites on the bike and comfortable camping is a constant battle.
When bringing a lot of gear on the bike the safety issues with restricted and altered handling becomes important, as well as increased mechanical wear and tear due to the extra weight. 

Keep yourself and your bike light, maneuverable and safe by letting us bring all your gear in our offroad capable escort vehicles.

Our service include everything from preparing, planning and executing adventure riding expeditions with our own bikes, as well as equipment transportation for everything from heavy camera, film and lighting gear to camping equipment and food, spares and service parts for those longer trips almost anywhere in the world. 

This eliminates any previous perceived limits with motorcycle travel and creates a higher value since the rider can bring necessary equipment for other activities such as hiking, fishing etc.
For those cold climate journeys we can even bring along our stove heated expedition tent to maximize comfort and for the rider to get the most out of the experience.

Nordic Overland can even provide cooking service with fresh food cooked on our vehicle expedition galley. 

As an alternative we can provide guided customized motorcycle expeditions, primarily in the Nordic countries without escort where participants bring their own food and equipment. 

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