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Nordic Overland provides creative services specialized in access to remote locations. 

The needs within the commercial, lifestyle and outdoor sector to create exclusive content is well met thank's to our knowledge, experience and capability of taking the creative process to truly unique and wild locations. 

The authentic production and genuine impression of the imagery is what makes your brand stand out in a crowd where no orchestrated or staged product will stand up to comparison. 

Nordic Overland also do other assignments in photo and film production such as portraiture, wedding photography, event production and product photography in a studio environment.  


Nordic Overland provides research and development services within the outdoor and military/law enforcement sector by offering extensive product testing as well as development support. We accomplish this through real world usage of the product in question in harsch and demanding environments in the unforgiving Nordic wilderness. 
In addition to thorough product testing we can also provide graphic material for usage in profiling and marketing purposes. 

Our strength in this area is our wide knowledge and experience from law enforcement and military service, and from a wide variety in outdoor activites, adventure sports and expedition travelling. The expedition/overland style travels we offer as a service provides us with a unique opportunity to take a product to the extremes in terms of long term use and the wear and tear through that kind of highly demanding applications.

Thank's to that we are able to give a truly honest review of the product from our point of view, and as a bonus we are also able to create top quality, proffessional photographic content of the product from the type of environment we will find ourselves in at the moment. Which more often than not are very beautiful, remote natural surroundings.